We offer ground-breaking specialties at this family of enterprises. Expand with our unique F&B concepts designed to be the front-runners in the industry. Passionate parties are welcome to contact us to explore further opportunities.

Arteastiq Social Painting

Social painting space incorporated with gourmet tea which builds a whole therapeutic experience for the inner creative. Redefined as Art Jam, each client engages in the art while sipping tea made from the finest leaves.

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Arteastiq Boutique Tea House

Designed as a lifestyle boutique around a comprehensive range of special, alcoholic and dessert teas with light delicacies, this tea house also offers a painting studio and a dinner menu catered towards the sophisticated lady or gentleman.

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Museo is a luxury high tea salon by day and an artistic bar cum exquisite diner by night. Together with the painting studio, Museo celebrates the art of creativity with its specialty cocktails imbued with tea and dining-in-a-cup concept which injects a novel factor into the casual fine-dining scene. In the international arena, the Museo Foodbar in Shanghai has made its name for the exquisite Wagyu beef steak grilled to perfection in our in-house charcoal oven.

Museo Singapore

Museo Shanghai


Do away with conventional classroom methods of personality profiling and discover your team dynamics while having fun!

Personality profiling has been used by Human Resource Departments and Trainers alike for many years now. The effectiveness of personality profiling in understanding people is shown by the many corporations who use it regularly in their trainings, hiring and job-matching.

However, most personality profiling is done via the traditional way in the classroom setting. While the traditional format has been used frequently by most trainers, many people may find the prospect of doing team building in a classroom too dull and boring.

Leaning away from the norm, Artepret puts a fresh spin on personality profiling with art jamming. This makes it fun for teams to do personality profiling, bidding farewell to boring classroom settings, and instead interacting in the attractive, fun and enjoyable art studio.

Cajun on Wheels

Eliminating the hassle of seeking out top-quality seafood, Cajun on Wheels is a seafood chain that provides the goodness of premium seafood without the pomp. In true American fashion, Cajun on Wheels embodies the spirit of the gourmet food truck, catering fresh and quintessentially Louisiana-style seafood cuisine without the fuss.

Dunk those fingers into a variety of seafood buckets great for sharing among family and friends. For the busy executive, simply choose one of the Ocean takeaway boxes that includes a main protein and a wide selection of wholesome side-dishes, and before you know it, you’re already on your way with REAL seafood goodness in your hands.

Cajun on wheels is seafood, just the way you like it!

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