All-day menu

Delight your senses with Arteastiq’s All day menu, featuring an eclectic range of creative and soul-comforting dishes.

Created by Arteastiq’s head chef, Chef Yip, the menu emphasizes on the reinterpretation of continental cuisines, while uniquely matching unexpected flavours and ingredients; his constant endeavour in dissecting and uniting ingredients that ignites marvel within the palate.

So, come on board,

Let your taste buds take you places, let them remind you of the beauty your eyes can’t see.

 Chef’s Recommendation Vegetarian Spicy

 Chef’s Recommendation


Soup of the Day $9

Please consult our friendly staff for the soup of the day

Cheese Tofu $9

Served with honey, macadamia nuts, and toasted bread

Unhurried Ardour –
Spicy Escargot $11

Sauteed snail with chilli oil, garlic, cocktail onions, and light cream. Served with toasted bread

Frolicking on the Seabed –
Scallop Bruschetta $12

Pan seared scallops, basil pesto, Avruga caviar, and tomato salsa

Glinting Pond –
Pan Seared Foie Gras $15

Served with sauteed spinach, brie cheese, and maple apple sauce


Soba Salad $13

Cold soba, aged shoyu dressing, Japanese cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, and sesame seeds

– Add pan seared chicken $3 –
– Add cooked shrimp $5 –
– Add smoked salmon $5 –

Black Rice Salad Rolls $13

Smoked salmon, Japanese cucumbers, green leaves, and Shoyu dressing wrapped in rice paper

Spinach and Sweet Potato Salad $15

Served with burrata cheese, sunflower seeds, and honey mustard

– Add pan seared chicken $3 –
– Add cooked shrimp $5 –
– Add smoked salmon $5 –


9am – 2pm

The Prince of Monte Carlo –
Duck Confit Sandwich $21

Shredded duck confit with mozzarella cheese and coleslaw between brioche bread, served with sweet potato fries and sunny-side up

Farmer’s Breakfast $22

Scrambled eggs, turkey bacon, chicken cheese sausage, sauteed mushrooms, roasted cherry tomatoes, kernel corn, mesclun salad, jam and toast

– Add pan-seared chicken $3 –
– Add smoked salmon $5 –

Aphrodite –
Crab Cake Breakfast $25

Crabcakes on toasted brioche buns with soft-boiled eggs, hollandaise sauce, smoked paprika and asparagus

Surfing with Mermaids –
Pan Seared Salmon $19

Served with bulgur wheat, edamame, cherry tomatoes, brocolli, parsley, cucumber, onions, and mint leaves

The Cocooned Allure –
Beef Bolognese Wrap $19

Served with bulgur wheat, avocado, parsley, cucumber, onions, and mint leaves


– Pasta –

Waltz in the Waves –
Squid ink Spaghetti $16

Served with pan seared scallops, sautéed spinach, butter saffron cream and salted egg

Wayfarer’s Picnic –
Macaroni Beef Bolognese $16

Braised minced beef with garlic, onions, basil, and tomato sauce. Served with melted cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese

Sea Chanty –
Spicy Crayfish
Spaghetti $16

Sauteed with chilli oil, garlic, cocktail onion, and tossed with light cream and tri-coloured spaghetti

The Gardener’s Spade –
Truffle Carbonara $18

Cream base tri-colour spaghetti with black truffle, garlic, parmesan cheesem sous vide egg, and turkey bacon

Summer Grasslands –
Chicken Lasagna $18

Served with truffle cream sauce, sunflower seeds, and green salad

Hooked Moustache –
Beef Stroganoff Fettucinne $22

Sauteed sliced beef, gherkin, onions, and mushroom in cream gravy

 Meat & Seafood

French Affection –
Ribeye $33

250gm Black Angus ribeye served with sauteed spinach and sweet potato fries

– Add foie gras $6 –

Boston Love Boat –
Cippino $28

Medley of seafood with baby octopus, salmon, scallops, prawns served in claypot, baked enfeuillantine and served with arugula

Herding Calls in the Meadow –
Sliced Beef and Truffle $23

Sauteed sliced beef striploin served with black rice, sauteed spinach, sous vide egg, and Yuzu Ponzu sauce

– Add foie gras $6 –

Golden Blush –
Cod Fish and Chips $18

Served with waffle fries, horseradish aioli, lemon pepper and green salad

Sunbathed Mermaid –
Pan Seared Cajun Salmon $18

Served with sauteed asparagus and cabbages, lemon butter sauce

 Asian Delights 

Myth of the Sea –
Sambal Sea Bass with Dry Laksa $25

Oven baked sea bass fillet with dried shrimp sambal chilli, served with rice vermicelli, sliced onions, cucumber, and small lime

Raft from Nanyang –
Chilli Egg Prawn Fettuccine $20

Sweet and savoury tomato-chilli crab sauce blended with garlic, onions, ginger, lemongrass, egg, and dried shrimp tossed with fettuccine. Served with pan fried cajun prawns

The Kebaya –
Pan Roasted Satay Chicken Boneless Thigh $22

Served with  prawns, rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, sliced onions, cucumbers, small lime, peanut sauce, and maple apple sauce


Bridge to the Clouds –
Rainbow Kuek Lapis $12

Warm layered cake served with red beans and Durian Gelato

Pulse of Passion –
Crepes $13

Crepes served with vanilla Chantilly cream, berries compote, warm chocolate sauce and two scoops of gelato of your choice

New York Connection –
French Toast $13

Brioche bread filled with brie cheese served with vanilla gelato

Gaia’s Teardrop Fossil –
Pandan Kaya Lava Cake $12

Served with red beans and Gula Melaka (palm sugar) gelato

The Caress –
Chestnut Mont Blanc Tartlet $15

Accompanied with macaron and vanilla gelato

Premium Gelato

– Single Scoop $5.90 –
– Double Scoop $9.90 –
– Triple Scoop $12.90 –

– Flavours –
Lychee tea
Pear tea
Cointreau bitter chocolate
Champagne vanilla
Mao Shan Wang Durian
Gula Melaka

Arteastiq High Tea
High tea in Singapore is no longer an occasion of opulence.

It is the centrepiece that hosts the long overdue conversation with your friends and loved ones.

High tea at Arteastiq puts the archetypal hustling of Singaporeans’ life aside, letting you immerse a dainty and tranquil environment.

Arteastiq high tea set, named “Teasery”, comes with beautifully presented tea sets and an array of savoury and sweet morsels.

Afternoon Tea

1pm – 5pm daily

Signature High Tea Set

105 mins seating time. 105mins will

count based on booking time. 

$48 for 2 | $32 for 1
with one glass of Moscato + $10
with one glass of Champagne + $20

2 Specialty teas of your choice (except alcoholic range)
1 Signature Teasery


Vol au vent with tuna and cheese
Foie Terrine on toast bread, yuzu marmalade, and crushed pistachios
Smoked salmon roulade with cream cheese and tobiko
Truffle shell pasta


Chocolate cone with banana custard
Mini New York cheesecake

National Treasure
High Tea Set

105 mins seating time. 105mins will

count based on booking time.

$55 for 2 | $39 for 1
with one glass of Moscato + $10
with one glass of Champagne + $20

2 Specialty teas of your choice (except alcoholic range)
1 National Treasure Teasery


Kueh pie tee (pastry tart shell) with crab stick
Otah fries with green chilli sauce
Satay chicken with rice cake and peanut sauce
Glutinous rice wrapped in spicy shrimp


Rainbow kueh lapis (layered cake) with kaya
Banana pancake with custard wrapped in pandan leaves
Rich baked tapioca kueh with lychee
Soft Gula Melaka (palm sugar) custard with red bean

Midnight High Tea
(Temporary Not Available)

10pm – Close

$48 for 2

Midnight High Tea

For 2 to share Specialty tea of your choice
1 Midnight Teasery
Upgrade to sharing cocktail / sangria +$20


Vol au vent with tuna and cheese
Smoked salmon roulade with cream cheese and tobiko
Otah fries and green chilli sauce
Sweet potato fries with truffle oil
Truffle shell pasta
Beef bolognese wrap

Bar Snacks

Prawn Paste Fried Squid

Sliced whole squid marinated with prawn paste, served with lemon wedge and green chilli sauce

Beef Chilli Waffle Fries $12

Served with braised beef bolognese, melted cheddar cheese, and spring onions

Sweet Potato Fries $9

Served with horseradish aioli

– With truffle oil $3 –

Salted Egg Fried Chicken Thigh $9

Served with herbs, chilli, and green chilli sauce

Otah Fries $12

Served with lemon wedge and green chilli sauce

Honey Fried Chicken Mid-Wings $12

Served with honey garlic soy sauce

Cheese Tofu $9

Served with honey, macadamia nuts, and toast bread