Peel away the conventionality of everyday life

… and express your untapped creativity in a burst of canvas expression with Art Jam, Arteastiq’s latest rave.

Nourish your spirits with gourmet tea and hand-picked tunes, allowing yourself to pour into the blank canvas set before you or engaging with your friends in a therapeutic display of artistic prowess.

This social painting studio enables you to encapsulate your every whimsy in an avant-garde frontier and sets your inner artist alight with limitless acrylic color and tool offerings.

Delight in a beverage on the house while you explore the creator within at this oasis in the hub-dub of the city.

Free Canvas

50cm x 50cm size available

Limitless Colours

Unlimited acrylic paint, brushes and paint palette

Free Drink

One free beverage from Arteastiq (Alcoholic beverages also available on demand)