Arteastiq - Inspired by Singapore's History

Arteastiq Boutique Tea House’s menu aims to pay homage to the vibrant spirit and soul of Singapore’s culinary history.

The Arteastiq brand was inspired by Singapore’s history – the ruling and dissolving of the British Colony, the Merger with Malaysia, and its Independence in 1965.

The massive inbound migration of different ethnicities during Singapore’s nation building period greatly influenced its modern culture.

Amongst these immigrants, is the Teo family, descendants of historical Chaozhou prefecture in Eastern Guangdong province who speak the Teochew dialect. Chaozhou is recognised by some as the “capital” of Gongfu Tea, a traditional tea ceremony involving the preparation and presentation of tea.

The youngest son in the Teo family, Ivan Teo, was exposed to the ceremony of Gong Fu Tea at a young age. He recalls a serendipitous incident in his childhood, where the lychee fruit he was consuming was accidently brewed together with Oolong tea. The refreshingly sweet and woody taste of that tea had since left a deep impression in him. As an entrepreneur, he was determined to recreate the taste and aroma. That is how the Jewel of Tea, Artastiq’s Signature Lychee Oolong Tea was created. Over time, Arteastiq’s tea menu grew to include an eclectic tea menu of over 70 tea variants.

 Chef’s Recommendation Vegetarian Spicy

Prices in Thousand IDR, exclude tax and service charge.

 Chef’s Recommendation Vegetarian Spicy

Prices in Thousand IDR, exclude tax and service charge.


Soup of the Day 60

Please consult our friendly staff for the soup of the day

Cheese Tofu 58

Served with Honey, Macadamia Nuts, Maple Apple Sauce, and Toast

Unhurried Ardour –
Spicy Escargot 80

Sauteed snail with chilli oil, garlic, cocktail onions, and light cream. Served with toasted bread.

Viva Duck 75

Sliced smoke duck breast with arugula and horseradish mayo baked in tortilla.

Glinting Pond –
Pan Sear Foie Gras 125

With sauteed spinach, brie cheese, and maple apple sauce. 

Sweet Potato Fries 30

Served with Horseradish Aioli

– Add Truffle Oil +30 –


Black Rice Salad Rolls 60

Smoked salmon, Japanese cucumber, green leaves, and Shoyu dressing

Soba Salad 57

Cold soba, aged Shoyu dressing, Japanese cucumber, cherry tomatoes, and sesame seeds

– Add pan-seared chicken +20 –
– Add smoked salmon +45 –

Spinach and Sweet Potato Salad 90

With Burrata Cheese, Cherry Tomatoes, Sunflower Seeds and Honey Mustard

– Add pan-seared chicken +20 –
– Add smoked salmon +45 –


The Prince of Monte Carlo –
Duck Confit Sandwich 85

Shredded duck confit with mozzarella cheese and coleslaw between brioche bread, served with sweet potato fries and sunny-side up.

Surfing with Mermaids –
Pan Seared Cajun Salmon 135

Served with black rice, edamame cherry tomatoes, cucumber, onions, mint leaves, broccoli, and saffron butter sauce.

Aphrodite –
Crab Cake Breakfast 88

Crab cakes on toasted brioche buns with sous vide eggs, augula, hollandaise sauce, smoked paprika and asparagus.

Farmer’s Breakfast 85

Scrambled eggs, smoked beef rasher, chicken sausage, sauteed mushrooms, roast cherry tomatoes, kernel corn, mesclun salad, jam and toast bread

– Add pan-seared chicken +20 –
– Add smoked salmon +45 –

Beijing Dynasty –
Crepes Au Canard Confit 87

Duck confit, Japanese cucumber and chives wrapped in crepes served with balsamic glaze, arugula salad

Herding Calls in the Meadow –
Sliced Beef and Mushrooms 125

Sauteed sliced striploin beef served with black rice, sauteed spinach, sous vide eggs, truffle oil and yuzu ponzu sauce.


– Pasta –

Raft from Nanyang –
Cajun Prawn Fettuccini 65 

Sweet and savoury tomato-chilli sauce blended with garlic, onions, ginger, lemongrass, eggs, and dried shrimp tossed with fettuccine. Served with pan fried cajun prawns.

Hooked Moustache –
Beef Stroganoff Fetteuccine 120 

Sauteed sliced beef, gherkin, onions, and mushrooms in creamy sauce.

Wayfarer’s Picnic –
Macaroni Beef Bolognese 85

Braised minced beef with garlic, onions, thyme and tomato sauce. Served with melted cheddar cheese and parmesan cheese.

Waltz in the Waves –
Squid ink Spaghetti 145

Served with pan-seared scallops, sauteed spinach, butter saffron cream and salted egg yolk.

Sea Chanty –
Spicy Baby Lobster Spaghetti 200 

Sauteed chilli oil, garlic, cocktail onions, and tossed with light cream and spaghetti.

 Meat & Seafood

Boston Love Boat Cippino 155

Medley of squid, salmon, scallop, and prawns in claypot, baked en feuillantine and served with arugula

Sambal Sea Bass & Dry Curry Rice Noodle 185 

Oven baked sea bass fillet with dried shrimp sambal chilli, served with rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, sliced onions, cucumber and small lime

Pan Roasted Satay Chicken Boneless Thigh 78

Served with prawns, rice vermicelli, bean sprouts, sliced onion, cucumber, small lime, peanut sauce and fried shallots.

French Affection –
Ribeye 200

280gm Black Angus Ribeye served with brocolli, cherry tomatoes, confit shallots and sweet potato puree.

– Foie gras +70 –

A Royal Princess –
Salmon Wellington 155

Atlantic salmon wrapped in puff pastry with mushroom capers pate served with sauteed asparagus, cabbages, and lemon butter sauce.

 Indonesian Delights 

Aromatic Grill Soup Buntut 135 

Grilled oxtail soup with carrots, potatoes, tomatoes, spring onions, served with emping crackers, sweet potato fries, chilli sambal, and lime.

Mini – Rijstafel 
Balinese & Indonesian Delicacies 135

– Nasi putih (steamed rice), ayam suir (spiced Balinese shredded chicken)
– Ayam betutu (chicken stew with spices)
– Sate pedas manis (beef satay)
– Jukut urap bali (javanes mixed vegetables with coconut spices)
– Kacang goreng (salted fried peanuts)
– Sambal matah (raw Balinese sambal)
– Serundeng bali (dried coconut with spices)
– Sambal embe (Balinese sambal)
– Balinese soup (sup bali)

Nasi Goreng Kampoeng Special 77

Homemade fried rice cooked with authentic java spices, served with grilled shrimp, sunny side-up, homemade pickles, deep fried chicken and sambal.


Oriental Breeze of Crispy Dory Salad 90 

Hand-breaded fried dory with potatoes balado, salsa, served with house salad in homemade oriental dressing.


Indonesian Style Roasted Duck 125 

Deep fried crispy local duck, spices, with kremes. served with nasi uduk, traditional coconut with cassava leaf, javanese sweet tempe bacem and homemade sambal kemangi.

Assorted Sambal 

1. Sambal matah (bali style) + 8 /portion
2. Sambal embe (bali style) + 8 /portion
3. Sambal original + 8 /portion
4. Sambal kemangi + 13 /portion


Gaia’s Teardrop Fossil –
Pandan Kaya Lava Cake 85

Served with red beans, vanilla gelato, and molasse.

Pulse of Passion –
Crepes 87

Crepes served with Chantilly cream, berries compote, warm chocolate sauce and two scoops of gelato of your choice

New York Connection –
French Toast 115

Brioche bread filling with brie cheese, served with vanilla gelato

Apple Unside-Down Cake 100

With purple crumble, chocolate sauce, and Oolong lychee sorbet.

The Caress –
Bread and Butter Pudding 65

Served with red beans vanilla gelato, and molasse.

Premium Gelato
| Single Scoop 25 | Double Scoop 40 | Triple Scoop 55 |

Flavours: Vanilla, Lavender, Ferrero Rondnoir, Oolong Lychee Tea Sorbet, Durian Sorbet, Yuzu Tea Sorbet.